Thursday, November 7, 2013

US Skeleton National Trials Race 4: Park City

Race 4 Finished a week ago with Noelle winning the 4th and final National Team Trials race.  For some reason it always seems harder to update the blog when we're home. But here are a few pictures from that night.

Thank you everyone for coming out to support Noelle!  There was an amazing crowd, one that would rival the Olympic crowd! 98% of which was there for Noelle!  Check out the night below.

 Noelle is waving to the enormous crowd at the start, just after she loaded onto her sled! 

 Noelle Pikus-Pace after her 4th and final run!

 Noelle Pikus-Pace having fun with some of the fans!

 This is just a portion of the many people there to cheer Noelle on!

This is the Noelle's perspective as she gets ready to slide down the track.  It looks pretty intimidating knowing that all of these people are expecting you to do your best!  She does a great job at that!

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