Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skeleton Olympic Qualification Process

Skeleton Olympic Qualifying Process of Events:
I will quickly describe below how the process goes for naming the Olympic Skeleton Team.  It might get confusing, so click here for a document that shows the number of athletes that qualify for this years World Cup circuit.  (Each number shown is the rank of the athlete from that nation).  This many athletes do not get to compete in the Olympics.
  • Compete in US Team Trials
  • Compete in a series of World Cup races where points are totaled to qualify for the Olympics.
  • The last race, where points are totaled and the Olympic team is named, takes place in Igls, Austria on 1/18/2014.
  • Noelles Overall FIBT Rank determines whether or not she makes the team.  If she is the #1 US athlete she automatically qualifies. If she is the #2 US athlete she needs to be ranked higher than the #2 athlete from the 6th nation with a 2nd ranked athlete.
  • From the information I have so far these are the athletes that can compete in the Olympics:
    • 2 Nations get 3 athletes
    • 4 Nations get 2 athletes
    • 2-6 Nations get 1 athlete (not sure yet?)


  1. so confusing. thank you for attempting to explain it all!

  2. She can make #1, even with the robbing of her gold in Calgary. We believe!!