Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whistler Counting Down!

The ICC races will be tomorrow and Saturday at 6:00 p.m. PST.  These races will not be broadcast on t.v or the internet.  I will update the blog with the results or you may visit:  There will most likely be a press release after the races.

We will leave for Germany this Sunday for a World Cup race next week.  That race will be broadcast live on youtube and the ipad app, but the times will most likely be in middle of the night for everyone at home.  You still might be able to view the races after on youtube.

We are here finishing up our 2nd week in Whistler, BC.  We moved from our last 2 bdr condo to a no bedroom loft suite just down the road.  Not an ideal situation with kids.  Sound travels and you can't shut a door to get away from the kids.  It was hard getting used to at first, but after a couple of days were semi-situated.
Family picture on Thanksgiving

 Our Thanksgiving dinner with the team.  We had ham, turkey and everything else!

 What you're looking at here is $46 worth of groceries.  Priced a little steep if you ask me.  I have no idea how people can afford to live up here.

 Lacee on Race Day

 Noelle after finishing her run with her coach Zach carrying the sled.  This is a picture of her old pod, unfortunately there was a problem and we had to make some changes to her sled.  She now has a grayish/black pod.  So you won't be seeing this one anymore. :(

 Noelle after her run.

 Traycen at the Race.

 Lacee taking a picture of silly daddy at the bottom of the track.

 Daddy taking a picture of silly Lacee.

 Noelle with Traycen while receiving her medal after the race.  Traycen kept crying so she picked him up.

 Noelle getting recognized at the awards ceremony with the kids in hand.

We just broke Traycen of the crib and he is sleeping a little wild, that is when we can get him to stay in bed.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Noelle finishes 6th in her 1st World Cup Race

Noelle pushed her fastest ever on this track on both runs. We are really proud of her, she did a great job. 
We stay here in Whistler for the ICC races next week.

Whistler race Delayed 1 hour

The race will be at 11:04 MST today.  Check previous post for ways to watch.  It snowed about 10 in overnight here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Preview: Whistler World Cup Nov. 23, 2012

For those interested in watching Noelle's first World Cup race this year in Whistler, BC you can tune into Universal Sports channel or on the IPAD App.  Her race will be this Friday, Nov. 23 at 10:00 & 11:30 a.m.

  • 402 for DISH Network
  • 625 Direct TV
  • Live+ App for IPAD & IPOD only (
    • If you do not have one of these options you can try and search for skelton, or
    • You can watch the times populate live on (no video coverage, times only)

Thank you all for your support.  This will be an exciting week to see how Noelle will compete against the best in the World.

Friday, November 16, 2012

AC Qualifying Races Are Complete!!!

We have begun the official International tour this week in Calgary, AB where Noelle needed to finish in 2 more Americas Cup Races.  Despite some opposition and her being forced to slide on borrowed sleds each race, she came out of this mess with a 4th place and a 2nd place finish!  She has done an amazing job and continues to prove why she is one of the best.  There aren't many athletes that would be able to hop on a completely different sled, let alone a sled that doesn't fit, and finish the way she did.  

This week has been a little crazy since we received news that the rules were changed last minute to make Noelle's sled illegal to race on.  I have been working with many people re-designing her sled and coming up with a solution to have new parts made in record time.  We will hopefully have her sled back together again next week in time for the World Cup in Whistler, BC.  Thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers.  We couldn't do this alone and we have been extremely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Below are some highlights from this week:

 Lacee making friends with the Australian sliders.

 Lacee and Traycen making snow angels on the one strip of snow next to the track.

 I found Noelle's weekness that isn't chocolate.

 This is the start at the Calgary track.

 On our way down the track from the top to the bottom, we had to pass under the track.  Lets just say that this track isn't stroller friendly.  Up and down stairs, no ramps, hauling a 100 lb. stroller package.

 And if you thought going down the stairs was bad, just under the track we had to go back up the same 13 stairs we just went down.  We did this about 3 times on our way down.

 Don't let your 4 year old take the stroller if you like your child.

Lacee found a rock climbing wall next to curve 10 and she is amazing at climbing.  Straight to the top, no harness.  "Come on Dad, put down the camera, I might fall!"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

1st Americas Cup Races of 2012

Here is a quick update on our tour.  Noelle swept the team trials races and put herself on the US National team.  She received a waiver from the FIBT to only compete in 4 races on 2 tracks, instead of 5 races on the tracks, to qualify for World Cup.
Well, Park city held the first 2 of the 4 races she needs and she won them both.  We will leave Sunday to Calgary Canada for the following 2 races.  How she finishes on the next races is irrelevant, it only matters that she finishes those races.  None the less, we hope to see good success there.
I will continue to update you all as quickly as I can and more frequent then I have.

Thank you all for your support!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Noelle wins race #3

Noelle had another excellent race in team trials last night winning the 3rd of 4 races with a 2 second margin over 2nd place.  Way to go Noelle and thank you all for your support.

Here is the press release:

Oh, by the way, it was Halloween!  As you can see by the picture; you can take the girl out of Halloween, but you can't take the Halloween out of the girl!