Saturday, February 22, 2014

New York then Home!!!

Here it is: We left for 5 months as a family. Went to Lake Placid, Calgary, Park City, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and then Sochi, Russia! Now we're back in New York!

We Came!
We Saw!
We conquered!

Look closely, Noelle is wearing a SILVER MEDAL!!! How Amazing!

It all feels like a dream! We are now in Manhattan, awaiting a few events and then we'll be on our way home! Here are a few things to look for this upcoming week:

The Today Show - Monday Morning Feb. 24
Sponsors appearances on Tuesday Feb. 25
Noelle ringing the NYSE bell Wednesday morning on our way out! Feb 26

I'll update the blog more with additional pictures and info as I receive it.


  1. You have made more memories in those 5 months than most make in 5 lifetimes. What an amazing journey for your family. Thank you for including us in it. ♥♡

  2. Will all three days be broadcast on television? So exciting! Such amazing memories.

  3. Hooray for your achievements. And Hooray for being such a good example to the Moms, the Young Women and just plain folks, in the church.

  4. Noelle or Janson - I know this is a long shot, since you probably don't check this that often, but had a couple of questions for you. I ran into you in front of the temple today in NY (told you I had three kids and lived nearby). I know you guys are here through Wed, and I'm sure your schedule is crazy, but any chance you'd be able to stop in and see some of the youth tomorrow (Sunday)? Your comments have been super inspiring, and I know they would love it. Family wards meet tomorrow in the temple bldg at 9am and 1pm. Also, I meant to ask you if you needed any help while you are here...especially with the kids. I'm sure the travel has been hard on them, and if they want to get together with any of the other kids while they are here (or to give you a break), we'd love to help. My name is Ryan and you can email me at if you happen to see this. Congrats, again! Hope you have a great time here in NY. Hope this message wasn't too weird, but my wife was kicking me for not offering some help :)

  5. Congrats! I really enjoyed watching you compete!