Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whistler Counting Down!

The ICC races will be tomorrow and Saturday at 6:00 p.m. PST.  These races will not be broadcast on t.v or the internet.  I will update the blog with the results or you may visit:  There will most likely be a press release after the races.

We will leave for Germany this Sunday for a World Cup race next week.  That race will be broadcast live on youtube and the ipad app, but the times will most likely be in middle of the night for everyone at home.  You still might be able to view the races after on youtube.

We are here finishing up our 2nd week in Whistler, BC.  We moved from our last 2 bdr condo to a no bedroom loft suite just down the road.  Not an ideal situation with kids.  Sound travels and you can't shut a door to get away from the kids.  It was hard getting used to at first, but after a couple of days were semi-situated.
Family picture on Thanksgiving

 Our Thanksgiving dinner with the team.  We had ham, turkey and everything else!

 What you're looking at here is $46 worth of groceries.  Priced a little steep if you ask me.  I have no idea how people can afford to live up here.

 Lacee on Race Day

 Noelle after finishing her run with her coach Zach carrying the sled.  This is a picture of her old pod, unfortunately there was a problem and we had to make some changes to her sled.  She now has a grayish/black pod.  So you won't be seeing this one anymore. :(

 Noelle after her run.

 Traycen at the Race.

 Lacee taking a picture of silly daddy at the bottom of the track.

 Daddy taking a picture of silly Lacee.

 Noelle with Traycen while receiving her medal after the race.  Traycen kept crying so she picked him up.

 Noelle getting recognized at the awards ceremony with the kids in hand.

We just broke Traycen of the crib and he is sleeping a little wild, that is when we can get him to stay in bed.

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