Friday, November 16, 2012

AC Qualifying Races Are Complete!!!

We have begun the official International tour this week in Calgary, AB where Noelle needed to finish in 2 more Americas Cup Races.  Despite some opposition and her being forced to slide on borrowed sleds each race, she came out of this mess with a 4th place and a 2nd place finish!  She has done an amazing job and continues to prove why she is one of the best.  There aren't many athletes that would be able to hop on a completely different sled, let alone a sled that doesn't fit, and finish the way she did.  

This week has been a little crazy since we received news that the rules were changed last minute to make Noelle's sled illegal to race on.  I have been working with many people re-designing her sled and coming up with a solution to have new parts made in record time.  We will hopefully have her sled back together again next week in time for the World Cup in Whistler, BC.  Thank you to everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers.  We couldn't do this alone and we have been extremely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Below are some highlights from this week:

 Lacee making friends with the Australian sliders.

 Lacee and Traycen making snow angels on the one strip of snow next to the track.

 I found Noelle's weekness that isn't chocolate.

 This is the start at the Calgary track.

 On our way down the track from the top to the bottom, we had to pass under the track.  Lets just say that this track isn't stroller friendly.  Up and down stairs, no ramps, hauling a 100 lb. stroller package.

 And if you thought going down the stairs was bad, just under the track we had to go back up the same 13 stairs we just went down.  We did this about 3 times on our way down.

 Don't let your 4 year old take the stroller if you like your child.

Lacee found a rock climbing wall next to curve 10 and she is amazing at climbing.  Straight to the top, no harness.  "Come on Dad, put down the camera, I might fall!"

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