Saturday, October 12, 2013

Olympic Season: We're on Our Way!!!

Our Olympic journey started off on Wednesday of last week with a direct flight to New York City, for an event with one of our sponsors, Kellogg's.  We saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time (as you will see below).

The following day we had a late start for a scheduled 5 hr drive.  Those plans were foiled by a 1 hr delay with traffic in the city and an accidental detour.  Our navigator fell asleep (don't tell her I said that :)) and we took a freeway that lead us west instead of north.  We ended up in Utica, NY when we should have been only 1/2 hr away from our destination. :( So after a 2 hr drive to nowhere, we discovered our error and made our next 2.5 hr drive safely to our adopted family in Wilmington, NY!

Weather here in Lake Placid, NY has been extremely warm.  Sliding has been cancelled every day so far, with the exception of the bobsled team trials which took place today.

Sliding will resume tomorrow but Noelle will be sliding for the first time this year Monday morning.
Wish her luck and thank you all for your support.

Team trials races will take place next week Monday and Tuesday October 20 and 21.

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