Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Warm Lake Placid

With a high of 65 and a low of about 45 it makes for some rough ice conditions.  Sliding was cancelled today because of that.  The track has been really bumpy due to the warm weather and the rain that puddles up and freezes on the track.  We should be back and going again tomorrow for more training bright and early.

We are still on schedule for the races on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be a way to view them online I will keep you posted as that time nears this weekend.

 This is Noelle at the start before a training run with her new helmet this year.

You can't tell me this isn't an amazing view from the top of the track! 

These are the same trains from last year.  We have some older and wiser conductors this year and they are still having a ball doing there job.  The Peters have been amazing hosts taking care of us and making room for us in there home.   

This view belongs to the Peters.  It is about 100 yards out their back door and is pretty darn amazing.  Cameras never can capture how awesome the colors really are.

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  1. I love Traycens fake smile! What a cute little guy. I love the fall- those views are amazing! Hope your having fun!