Friday, January 17, 2014

Igls - 7 Races down 1 to go!!!


The race just finished and Noelle grabbed a Silver Medal! We are stoked and she is having an incredible season. Noelle had the fastest speed on the second run clocking in at 120.6 KMH. This is a shorter track and slower than most (Last week in St. Moritz she clocked over 133 KMH). The Austrians have been incredibly hospitable and very friendly. The track crew allowed Lacee to go down 2 times, she is the youngest person to do skeleton. She went from curve 9 and finished through curve 14.

2014 Olympian - Officially named tomorrow but SHE MADE IT!!!


We leave on Sunday for Konigssee, Germany (near Salzburg, Austria) for the last World Cup race of the season. It is about a 2 hr drive from here. This is where the famous Eagles Nest is located and beautiful landscapes. We will spend the next 11 days or so there before heading to Munich for the Olympic Team Processing!

Time is flying and we are enjoying as much of it as we can. Here are some pictures of this week.
Traycen thinks he is soo funny!

As you can see, not only is he funny, but he is probably the coolest person in the building.

Lacee was so thrilled she couldn't really speak.  ALL GRINS!

I was a pet Tiger.

Lacee prepping for her skeleton run. Getting some training help from Coach Tuffy.
She took her first nap in weeks right after this.

We got to ride the truck up to the top of the track! Kids loved it.

When there's a sled, you'll find Traycen in it. Without fail!

Lacee got to sign her sled #1 USA!!

Once again, Traycen on a sled with his new cheek warmer hat.

Great entertainment!

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