Friday, January 24, 2014

The Home Stretch: Olympic Bound

Noelle Pikus-Pace and The World Cup Whirlwind

So, lets recap what just happened. Just to make sure it wasn't a dream. Here it is:

  • Calgary World Cup - Gold Medal, piece of tape, hope and dreams dashed in a moment, medal gone.
  • Park City World Cup - Gold Medal, no tape, 2 track records, begins attack of the BIG HEADS!
  • Lake Placid World Cup 1 - Gold Medal, 2 fastest runs, Mormon missionaries, making headway.
  • Lake Placid World Cup 2 - Bronze Medal, crooked groove, 20 forerunners, cancelled run, 1 heat race.
  • Christmas Break - Frankfurt, LDS chapel, Mormon missionaries, Christmas markets, peaceful holiday.
  • Winterberg World Cup - Silver Medal, 1st heat tie for 1st place, Netherlands, ice skating.
  • St. Moritz World Cup - Gold Medal, 2 track records, BIG HEADS return, 2 ft of snow.
  • Igls World Cup - Silver Medal, pushers track, 100k Euros gone, Lacee is youngest to do skeleton.
  • Konigssee World Cup - Gold Medal, BIG HEADS drop in, green 1 day, snow the next, 1 heat race!

Now, here we sit in our hotel room waiting for Munich tomorrow with Mountain Crane (BIG HEADS) and then off to Sochi for 3 weeks of laying low, and 2 days of Olympics race time. We are looking forward to that flight home and excited to be back in Utah!!!

Keep checking, I'll keep everyone updated with our adventures as often as possible and with any race information that I have. Thanks for the support.


  1. AMAZING season! Love the pictures. Cheering you on in Sochi!

  2. Noelle & Family, I just wanted to thank you for representing your Country, your God & Faith, along with Marriage & Motherhood so wonderfully!
    You totally made our valentines day perfect with your win! We are so happy for you & all your family.
    We live in Logan Ut. But started our lives in Provo so that adds to our enjoyment seeing you compete & win!!!
    I'm pretty sure that sweet husband of yours is a big part of your team!
    Is he by any small chance related to a Religion Teacher at BYU in the 70-80's George Pace???
    Brother Pace taught so many great principles & in some ways is at least part of the reason my husband married me! ( long story) ill tell it to you if your related! We hope you have a great trip home, and just know that when you took off the last time tonight there were a lot of Moms ( some Mormon ones) who held their breath till you finished, then kept hoping & praying till all the others finished!
    Your are a great example of not "hiding your light" You all did a great work!
    Thank you & God Bless you!