Sunday, December 2, 2012

Farewell Whistler! Gold Noelle!

It is really late or really early right now (1 a.m.).  We had the 2nd ICC race tonight where Noelle had the 2 fastest runs and WON it!!!  Wahoo!!  A good way to end our 2 week stay here in Whistler, Canada.  We will hit the road tomorrow morning for Winterberg, Germany where Noelle will compete in her 2nd World Cup race next week.  Stay tuned to the blog and I will keep it updated with her schedule and race times.  Just a heads up though, these races in Europe will most likely be at the weee hours of the morning.  I know there might be a few die hards out there, so if you're one of them, the races might be broadcast live on youtube or the ipad app.
Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and support we couldn't do this without you all!  Here are some highlights from the last couple of days.

Noelle made a top 25 list we just heard about today:

 He was a handful, so I had to stuff him in the stroller!

 Us in front of the Whistler start house.

 You can't ever run out of toys- just find a pillow bag and walah!  

 Tired, plus really cold, plus really wet, plus a delay on the track, plus really hungry =, this.

 Noelle pushing on her 2nd run on the 2nd ICC race.

 Awards on the first night where Noelle placed 2nd.

 Day 2, rain stopped and snow started!  Lacee found a natural elephant to ride.

 We made a mini snowman, and yes he has an apple for a mouth and a banana peel for a hat.

 Race 2, Noelle placed 1st and claimed the Gold in style!

Team USA on ICC in Whistler.

Either the kids found the podium or Noelle and I shrunk!

Can you see 4 people in the picture?  Once you find the 4th, go watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas  and tell me who it is.  (Not planned, somehow Traycen uncovered the beast!)

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  1. Congratulations! Good luck in Europe.
    Excellent photo, thanks.