Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And the Last Shall be First!! :)

Park City & Track Records

12 Years of nothing even close to the record. I don't think anyone got within a half a second since then.

Starting #24 (Dead Last) Noelle Pikus-Pace blasted down the track with her supersonic, cold fusion, hybrid tape and set a TRACK RECORD!!! 49.80 from the previous 49.91.

Now starting #20 (Dead Last Again, this time a good thing) Noelle Pikus-Pace blasted down the track with her injection turbo, NASA confounding, self generating TAPE and set another track record of 49.74! Finishing in first place and claiming the Gold Medal!

If you couldn't watch it, IT WAS AWESOME!!! If you weren't there, IT WAS EVEN AWESOMER!!! My voice still hasn't fully recovered. if you completely missed it, SHAME ON YOU!!! :)

Thank you everyone for your support, we had a great time and were ready to keep it going this week in Lake Placid.  Check out some of the awesome pictures from the race below.

Lake Placid Races will be on Friday and Sunday this week.  I'll update that shortly.

Die Hard Noelle Pikus-Pace Fans. (Heads compliments of Mt. Crane)

 Noelle Pikus-Pace with her new and improved load.

 Noelle Pikus-Pace's first track record with her biggest fan in the sunglasses! :)

 Noelle Pikus-Pace celebrating after her track record first run!

 Noelle Pikus-Pace celebrating after her gold medal performance!

 Noelle Pikus-Pace in the winners box!

 Me (Janson Pace) with the kids right after the race.

 Noelle Pikus-Pace with her gold medal! (with Sarah Reid, Lizzy Yarnold, Shelly Rudman, Michelle Steele and Elaina Nikitina)

 Noelle Pikus-Pace on her throne! Where she rightfully belongs!

Me and Noelle after the race!  Happy Moment!

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  1. She was AMAZING! Congratulations to you both. You deserve many more happy moments like this one!!