Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in Germany!!

Christmas Break in Frankfurt!!

If you remember our story last year about meeting the missionaries in the grocery store, then you might understand why we decided to spend Christmas here near Frankfurt, near the missionaries and the Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We planned a location near Elder and Sister Eyre (pronounced air) of Wyoming and have enjoyed every minute of it!

We were welcomed quickly by accompanying them and Elder and Sister Gubler to our first Christmas market of the year. We met them in Friedrichsdorf and hopped on a train down to Wiesbaden where there was a pretty awesome Christmas market!

The next morning, while adjusting to our new time zone, we woke up early and went with the Eyre's to the Christmas market in Bad Homburg. This small town has a beautiful castle and a small market around it during Christmas. Inside they had more vendors and a little, yet very powerful authentic steam engine that was actually giving kids and adults rides around the tower.

We spent Christmas morning in the presence of about 40 senior missionaries who are serving mostly in 2 different offices here in Germany. We had a great time and a wonderful breakfast. French toast, parfaits, hot chocolate, breakfast casserole and plenty more to bring home the memories and aroma of great tasting food. We will be on our way up north to Winterberg on Friday for the race to take place the following Saturday on January 4th.


The Pace Family with Elder & Sister Eyre and Elder and Sister Gubler in Wiesbaden.

 Bad Homburg Christmas market

 Elder & Sister Eyre and the AWESOME CHRISTMAS DINNER Sunday after church.

 My family traded me for a nutcracker!

 Noelle & Lacee on our Christmas Eve talent show.

 Our humble little Christmas tree! We were excited we even had one!

 In front of our apartment in Usingen.

Frankfurt lunch in the courtyard.

Steam engine in Bad Homburg!

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