Monday, December 30, 2013

NEXT RACE: Winterberg World Cup #5

Next Race - Winterberg Germany

When:       This Saturday - January 4, 2014
Where:     Winterberg, Germany
Time:        5:45 a.m. & 7:15 a.m. MST, Heat Start Times
Start #:     Noelle starts 7th off
Watch Online:      Heat 1 on YouTube:
                                           Heat 2 on YouTube:

Insider Info

Noelle Pikus-Pace is feeling good this week. Her back has been healthy so far, she has a tender hamstring but is working through it carefully. Annie O'Shea - USA flew in for this race because Katie is trying to recover from her head injury from sliding preseason.

Olympic Qualification:

Noelle is in a good spot right now ranked 4th in the World and 1st in the US. The Olympic team is not officially named until after the Igls, Austria race on January 18th, but it would take some real opposition to keep her out right now.

Here are Noelle's past results here on the Winterberg track and the competitors to look out for in the race:

2004: Noelle Pikus-Pace 1st Place
2007: Noelle Pikus-Pace 3rd Place
2012: Noelle Pikus-Pace 3rd Place

Competitors to look out for:

Shelley Rudman -GBR
Anja Huber - GER
Melissa Hollingsworth - CAN
Lizzy Yarnold - GBR


  1. Have a great week prepping for your race this week. We are all cheering for you back in Utah.

  2. We are with you, go get them. ( LOUD CHEERS) .

  3. They really should have planned better for the Utah fans! ;) We'll be wide awake and cheering LOUDLY from the Francom home! Go Team Pikus-Pace!!