Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lake Placid Skeleton Race Results!!!

Lake Placid Skeleton World Cup Results

About the Lake Placid Track:

Length to finish: 1455 m 
Length to end of track: 1680 m 
Curves: 19 
Maximum G Forces: 5.1 
Maximum Speed: 130 km/h 
Average Grade: 8.6%

The first track was built in 1930 for the 1932 Olympics and remained there in use until about 1980 when they built a new track for the 1980 Olympics. In the late 90's parts of both of those tracks were torn apart to make way for the new track to be complete by 2000 for the Goodwill games.  The old track still remains but is not in use. Lake Placid is the location of the Olympic Training Center and houses hundreds of athletes.

Friday - Women's Skeleton Race #1

Noelle Pikus-Pace finished the race with the 2 fastest runs and claimed the Gold Medal!! Anja Huber of Germany finished 2nd and Lizzy Yarnold of Great Britain finished 3rd.

Sunday - Women's Skeleton Race #2

With a small delay on the bobsled/skeleton track (the groove was sending sleds crooked from the start, they sent down about 20 forerunners (practice sleds) and still couldn't fix the problem). So the race was shortened down to a 1 heat race.  Noelle was having fun and just enjoying her last run down the Lake Placid track. She finished with the 3rd fastest run and claimed the Bronze Medal for that race. Janine Flock of Austria took 2nd (Congratulations to Janine, that was her first podium finish!) and Lizzy Yarnold of Great Britain finished 1st.

Pictures of Our Lake Placid World Cup Week

 Happy Birthday Noelle! 31 years old on Dec 8, there's no turning back now!!!

 Traycen getting a little Luge training in the OTC (Olympic Training Center) gym.

 Our AMAZING hosts (Bob & Karen Peters) and adopted parents let us help cut down and decorate their Christmas tree.

 Lacee holding the Gold Medal flowers after the skeleton race on Friday.

 Traycen wanted the helmet on after the race and wouldn't let me take it off for quite a while.

The kids found some fresh snow and started eating and playing. All during the race, I couldn't get them to come watch, they were busy turning into snowkids!!

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