Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2nd Stop - Marseilles, France

Our 2nd stop was Marseilles, France.  This was by far our least favorite stop.  We wanted to go visit the Chateau d'if but it was closed due to winds.  The city people were on the rude side and the stores there would take advantage probably because we spoke english.  Below are pictures of our 3 best memories of Marseilles.

 The hotel was nice, we had separate rooms for the kids and they had this play area downstairs and breakfast was included, all for a really low price.

 Seeing Marseilles in the rear view mirror was awesome.

And, finally seeing the open air and beautiful land once we got out of the city!

Unless you can make it to the Chateau d'if (from The Count of Monte Cristo) we would highly recommend not stopping there.

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