Sunday, January 13, 2013

Konigssee: Mining for Gold!


At the base of the track there is lake Konigssee, which is at the base of the eagle's nest (Hitler's diplomatic home).  They have mined the tall mountains surrounding this area for emeralds and salt.  Little did we know we would find Gold!  Not a lot of it, but enough for Team Pikus Pace!

This is a track that Noelle loves and gets along with really well.  She has always done fairly well here.  Even on her broken leg, this was her 2nd race back from the accident, she placed fifth.  Noelle had been caring for a partially torn hamstring and had only taken 2 paid training runs and 2 official training runs (compared to the others who took 8 total runs).

 Noelle after her first Gold Medal Finish since 2004!

 We found a church in Munich on our way to Konigssee.  Those happen to be our church clothes that day.  It's kinda hard living out of a suitcase.

 This is a weird sculpture right in front of Mozart's house in Salzburg, Austria.

 Cute red braids, but I don't think she would have worn it ever.  We had to see what our viking child would look like.

 Me and the kids built this train track in our hotel while Noelle was preparing her equipment for the race.

 Not to bad for a family photo, with everyone on the go doing their own thing!

 Lacee was hanging out with Martin, Noelle's old coach who is now coaching Austria (where he is from).

 I put the kids in a little prison so I could take some pics.  They have these bleachers set up with one entrance from the back.  Not bad for free babysitting.

Capri Sonne from Germany.  Traycen has to do everything Lacee does.  He loves his sister.

Traycen is not going to like this picture when he's 16.

 This is an exclusive pic thanks to our camera.  Noelle Pikus Pace holding her medal and trophy.

Now that's a family picture!  We had a blast and the kids were soaked to the bone.  We set off for a 4 hour drive right after this to St. Moritz (World Championships in 2 weeks) to get some training runs in before the next race in Igls, Austria.

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