Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Stop - Nice, France

So our Christmas break began with a drive out of the Alps and into Italy heading down to the "French Riviera" where we stayed 2 nights in Nice, France.  We went through a really long tunnel under Mont Blanc.  Switzerland, France and Italy are the land of tunnels.  I successfully held my breath in a 3km tunnel going 100 km/hr.  If I did my math right that is about 1 min 48 sec, while driving!  This was one of our favorite stops along the way.

Traycen is holding his breath in 1 of about 100 tunnels we drove through.  The kids close their mouths through the tunnels and make a big "ahhhhh" sound upon exiting as if they held their breath.

 We are in Monte Carlo with a view of the city behind us.

 We found the church about 10 mins from our hotel.  The weather was fantastic and the people were really nice in Nice! 

 This is the beach in Nice.  It was about 60 degrees while we were there.  We all touched the Mediterranean Sea and grabbed a few rocks to bring home.  That is a beach full of smooth rocks.

 The kids on the beach with Nice, France in the background.

 This is a castle in Eza, France (between Nice and Monaco).  I can take this stroller anywhere and it has been almost everywhere.  (We need a stroller sponsor).

 Traycen found some confidence and began running down hills.  Luckily he didn't fall.  He kept turning around and climbing back up the hill to run back down it again.

Another picture with Monte Carlo in the background.  We went to a big North Pole Christmas village that was setup in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  We were supposed to meet Bro. Gill (a church member from the Philippines) there but he never showed up or we found the wrong meeting location.

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