Tuesday, January 1, 2013

3rd Stop - Barcelona, Spain

 Now we're talking!  Barcelona was definitely the best stop on our tour.  Maybe its because we can speak spanish and communicate with everyone, but everything seemed to be just perfect there.  There was a gym 2 doors down from the apartment that we stayed in, so it was perfect for Noelle's workouts.  We were only there 3 nights but it was definitely a good stay.

 Of course, the kids have to find some type of mischief to get into.  At least they weren't breaking things.

 This was right outside our apartment.  If you can see, Traycen is busy talking on his cell phone.

We parked our car across the street from our apartment and took the metro everywhere.  The kids had a great time.  Lacee would get on and immediately go to a separate pole to hold onto, I guess because she wants to be old enough. 

 In front of "La Sagrada Familia".  It is a famous basilica in Barcelona, you'll see a better picture below. 

 The kids got a little free time on some grass, a little island between roads.

 See, I told you we were much happier in Spain!

 This is the Christopher Columbus monument.  This is supposedly the spot where he landed when he came back from one of his voyages.

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