Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4th and Final Stop - Paris, France

So, our final stop was in Paris.  Since there is no room for presents and Noelle won a little money by having the fastest run on the team race in Winterberg, we decided to take the kids to Disneyland.  I found a great last minute deal for a hotel, The Magic Circus hotel.  Not the greatest hotel but it was a pretty good deal.  We spent the last 6 days in Paris and at Disneyland.
The history, style and architecture in and around Paris was pretty amazing.  I am amazed at what was built 100's of years ago.  This would be our last week before we got back to our routine with racing and training. It was a good break but by the middle of our stay here in Paris, we were ready to back to the action.

We found Santa Clause again somewhere in a shopping mall.  Traycen has a phobia of Santa's.

 The Eiffel Tower was a pretty neat structure.  It didn't look quite as tall as I thought it would, but when you got close to it and went underneath it, the design and engineering were magnificent.  We didn't pay to go into any of these sites.  We just did the plain Utahn budget tour, if you know what I mean.  There was a free app that we downloaded with all of the Paris history, so we could learn about almost anything around.

 This is the Notre Dame de Paris.  I just learned that there are maybe 100 different Notre Dame Chapels, but I believe this one in Paris is the famous one, you know the one from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".  It was an amazing building.

 Just a plain old beautiful view from a bridge in Paris. 

 This was in our hotel.  Traycen disappeared more than once to be found driving this car.

 Since we are always on the go our Christmas tree was a sticker and Santa put a few presents under it and the T.V.

 Our first day at Disneyland it rained.  Lacee and Traycen had a ball.  He was a little afraid of the poncho at first, but realized he didn't have a choice.  Lines were a little shorter, but even with the rain I was shocked at how many people still went.

 This was in a cars ride.  Our ride was definitely the spinniest ride.  Traycen is no longer scared of swings and rides.  He finally embraced is inner child!

Finally, we found a Christmas market in the heart of Paris.  This street was full of booths and it happened to be where we found our lunch.  It was a really good sandwich with French barbeque sauce.  The kids were cold and asleep.  Once again, the stroller has been everywhere.

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